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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Please God Make me a McCain-Rice Ticket

Twice in one day!

Don't tell my wife - she'd never believe I have the stamina. I'm back here for the second time today because I read the blog, linked below, on CNN.

Rumors are rampant among the conservative elite about McCain's running mate. Some have suggested Condaleezza Rice. They just found out how to guarantee my vote. Although some of my democratic friends out and about (LA, NY etc) are probably having nightmares right now, I think this would be a rockin ticket and I would stand on a corner waving a sign for them! Condi stood up to Rummy when no one else would, She's Bill Clinton smart (i.e. oodles of smart) and she knows the global landscape better than anyone else in the United States - aside from maybe the B man himself.

I know she said she's looking forward to going back to Stanford and she'll never see this but I'm going to ask anyway.

Please Madame Secretary! Please... seriously consider running as John McCain's VP. If you do, I will stand on a corneer and wave a sign for you.

Wow - that felt good

although not in a Scarlett J and Jello kind of way.

I had made a promise not to wade in to the politics of the upcoming election on here but, as you can see, I'm breaking it and I will probably continue to do so. As a vet and the husband of a 100%disabled Iraq vet I can no longer sit on the sidelines. Ladies and Gentlemen, whether you agree with it or not, we are at war. I actually like Hillary and I think Barack is one of the best speakers I have ever heard but the reality is, Hillary will say whatever she thinks I want to hear and Barack, despite the fact that he says everything beautifully, has no plan. We need a president who can plan and who is execution oriented (not Al Queda in Iraq execution - get crap done execution). As a nation at war, we need a president who has seen combat. Far too often over these last sixteen years, me and mine have been put in harms way by men who have never wondered if they would live to see the next sunrise.

We cannot accept that while we are at war.

Adding Condoleezza Rice's incredible intellect to John McCain's no nonsense, across the aisle, approach to government might just be what we need to get our foreign and domestic messes sorted out.

BTW - since I'm breaking all the rules tonight, here's a shout out to a great actress, producer, H-land type out in LA - A.L. and her significant other - H. Its been too long guys and I am uber Impressed that someone in your line of work is proud of being a Republican. That takes guts and personal courage! I hope you're having good luck with that special something you're trying to get.

P.S. Would have used your names but life is fragile and you know me - I'd hate to be the butterfly.

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